Oct 01

Clean Coal Technology Offered As A Practical And Affordable Solution To Save The Environment While Saving Money

During Barak Obama’s recent Democratic Presidential Convention acceptance speech the President mentioned, “…the need for clean coal”, as many other politicians have said before him. To see Mr. Obama’s speech visit clean coal (http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/09/06/obama-sets-goals-lays-out-differences-with-romney-in-acceptance-address/?iref=allsearch).

For the most part, everyone can agree that burning coal causes pollution. Most everyone also agrees that clean coal technologies exist but they’re prohibitively expensive to implement and difficult to retroactively fit to existing power plants.

Not all clean coal technology costs billions of dollars and years to implement. Clean Coal Technology runs the range of carbon sequestration and storage to coal washing and drying. Clean coal does not have to cost billions of dollars.

Asia Coal Catalyst Company offers an inexpensive and very effective clean coal technology at a fraction of the cost of many competing cleaner coal solutions. CC-88 combustion catalyst is a fireside chemical treatment that accelerates the combustion process, reducing the production harmful greenhouse gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and ozone as well as particulate matter.

Looking overseas, roughly half of the 3.9 billion tonnes of coal consumed in China is burned in the Industrial and Heating Boiler sectors; therefore improving the energy efficiency and reducing the pollution in these boilers is very important. Improving coal combustion efficiencies through a simple and cost effective means such as our Clean Coal Technology CC-88 will help conserve valuable fuel resources. Coal Catalyst CC-88 helps inefficient older small and medium sized boilers to run more efficiently and to reduce their pollution.

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