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Clean Coal Technology Environmental Benefits

Clean coal technology is a term to describe any coal technology that reduces the environmental impact of burning coal as a fuel source. CC-88 Clean Coal Technology is a new generation of clean coal processes that greatly reduces harmful emissions containing pollutants emitting from the smoke stacks of coal-burning power plants.

CC-88 clean coal technology focuses on cleaner coal combustion. CC-88 combustion catalyst lowers the ignition temperature of coal and helps complete the combustion process. CC-88 is the result of years of technological research and development to creating a Fireside Chemical Treatment that helps promote more efficient combustion of coal while reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

Burning coal as fuel for power plants and for industrial boilers creates different type of airborne pollutants, green house gases, and contributes to global warming. CC-88 reduces these harmful emissions by consuming more of these harmful pollutants in the combustion chamber.

CC-88 clean coal technology for combustion enhancement complements and maximizes the efficiency of any mechanical and/or electrical air pollution control device installed on boilers. Such devices include mechanical collectors, fabric filters, wet scrubbers, absorbers, afterburners, electrostatic precipitators and other similar devices. Optimal efficiency is accomplished primarily by AC Coal Catalyst's ability to eliminate and best reduce the carbon particulate "load" on these devices.

To learn more about the benefits of our CC-88 clean coal technology and the environmental benefits, please visit Asia Coal Catalyst Company